Our Geo-Environmental drilling services provide our customers with the required data to help determine rock and soil characteristics.

Our Geo-Environmental fleet includes...

  • CME 45C skid mount, track mount and trailer mounted
  • CME 55 truck mounted
  • CME 55 mounted on rubber tracked ATV
  • CME 75 angle hole capacity mounted on rubber tracked ATV
  • CME 75 mounted on tracked ATV
  • CME 55 fly capacity drill
  • CME 55 skidd mounted marine drill
  • Portable Soil Mechanic Auger-coring  Drill
  • Geoprobe trailer mounted unit
  • Coming Soon- Lantech's new compact rubber track mounted angle hole capability drill for all your indoor and confined space requirements


  • 16' X 24' Sectional Barges and 16' Tender Boats
  • State of the art comercial truck and trailers equipped with satelite tracking devices